Feb 17, 2021 | News

Here’s how we’re helping La Crosse area businesses

Sean Burke As our community navigates this most difficult pandemic, it is clear that consumers and the local business community are in need of support.

Local business are members of our community, employ our neighbors, support our charities, and provide the products and services that make our local economy go. With the profound impacts of social distancing on our local economy, we must strive to find ways to help support our local business partners. Toward this end, we at the River Valley Media Group are encouraging local businesses to join the Support Local Business Now directory. We are providing this resource to the local business community and residents to keep them connected and informed of products and services available during this difficult period.

Here residents can be informed of local business’ offers for products and services, deals and discounts, delivery and pick-up options, hours of operation, etc. from their favorite local business. Please take a moment to join Support Local Business Now. It takes just a few moments to update your business information to help keep commerce, and your business, healthy and strong. All local business are invited to join.

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