Senior/Assisted Living Facility

Senior/Assisted Living Case Study


  • Decrease the number of open rooms available in each of the facilities.
  • Increase the number of phone calls.


  • River Valley Media Group built a blended digital media plan that includes a Website Rebuild, a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign with Dynamic Phone Call Tracking to help decrease, and Targeted Display + Remarketing to expand the reach of the campaign.


  • 96 Total Campaign Conversions *
    • 983 PPC Conversions
    • 741 Calls From Ads
    • 20 Contact Form Submissions
    • 119 Learn More Clicks
    • 37 Schedule Tour Clicks
    • 66 Website Calls
    • 13 Targeted Display + Remarketing

Goal & Approach

A senior living center with three facilities was seeking an ongoing digital marketing campaign to assist in decreasing the number of available open rooms in each of the facilities and increase the number of phone calls to each facility.

Before creating a customized marketing strategy, the River Valley Media Group team first analyzed the data. Working with Amplified Digital, River Valley Media Group wanted to dissect the client’s digital presence, as well as that of their competition. The client’s website was not responsive and the contact form submissions were not consistently reaching the correct destination. During keyword research, the team found that the client’s previous campaigns were not fully optimized for maximum reach. The campaigns were missing important keywords and search terms that are essential in their industry.

River Valley Media Group with Amplified digital created a digital campaign strategy to attract the most relevant users to their website and increase ROI. The team created a content-rich website with a modern design to make the site more appealing and easy to navigate. The contact forms were redeveloped to decrease the submission drop-off rate.

Because PPC reaches those actively seeking services, River Valley Media Group launched a PPC campaign that targeted users searching terms related to senior care living options like “assisted living centers,” “eldercare,” and “nursing home.” Conversions were tracked to see where users drop off in terms of actions in addition to Dynamic Call Tracking.


Over a six month period, the PPC campaign produced 4,912 clicks on 138,716 impressions for a 3.54% click through rate (8.26% above the industry benchmark of 3.27%) and 983 conversions for a 20.02% conversion rate (496% above the industry benchmark of 3.36%).  Of the 983 conversions, 741 were phone calls from the ads which the client found critical to the success of the campaign.

River Valley Media Group recommended our client add Targeted Display with Website Remarketing to enhance the client’s reach. The team built a campaign targeting women age 40+ with an elderly parent in the household along with those who visited the website but did not convert. This portion of the campaign produced 346 clicks on 306,814 impressions yielding a click through rate of 0.11% (57% above the industry benchmark of 0.07%). It also resulted in 13 conversions for a 3.76% conversion rate (12% above the industry benchmark of 3.36%).