RV Dealership

RV Dealership Case Study


  • The client wanted to outsource their digital campaign efforts, increasing their number of phone calls to result in qualified leads.


  • Launched search campaign to reach users searching for relevant inventory.
  • Supplemented awareness using Targeted Display.
  • Reengaged with previous website visitors via Website Remarketing.


  • 528 Total PPC Campaign Conversions within 10 months:
    • 188 Learn More/Share item clicks
    • 177 Map requests
    • 156 Phone Calls
    • 7 Contact form submissions

Goal & Approach

A RV Dealership with strong digital marketing knowledge wanted to explore outsourcing their digital campaigns to focus on management and the dealership’s overarching marketing strategy. The client had a relationship with a national auto digital provider, but felt as though they could not tailor their objectives or receive customized performance metrics. The dealership set to find a digital marketing partner that would work alongside their planned objectives while receiving customized strategy and ongoing performance monitoring.

River Valley Media Group with Amplified Digital created a digital strategy that matched the client’s goals of increasing phone calls to generate qualified leads. PPC was implemented to capture users in the researching stage of the purchase journey who were most likely to contact the dealership. The PPC campaign was optimized for peak sales months and keywords were tailored for seasonality.

Additionally, River Valley Media Group supplemented the search campaign with Targeted Display and Website Remarketing, ensuring to capture users across multiple stages of the purchase journey.


Over a 10-month span, the PPC campaign drove 528 conversions. Approximately 30% were phone calls, and 34% were map requests. The PPC campaign acquired at least 50% impression share within the desired market. Targeted Display with Website Remarketing accounted for approximately 6% of total conversions, with the most common action being Learn More/Share item clicks. The display campaign consistently performed above average (181% above benchmark) when comparing industry conversion rates. As a result of the overall campaign’s success, the client continues to partner with River Valley Media Group and has increased PPC spend for specific marketing promotions.