Furniture Store

Furniture Store Case Study


  • A furniture store wanted to promote their brand and increase store foot traffic.


  • River Valley Media Group built a digital media plan that includes YouTube TrueView video ads.


  • Over a 3-month time frame
    • 179,411 Impressions
    • 46,628 Video Views
    • 280 Video Clicks
    • 25.98% View Rate
    • 0.16% Click through Rate
    • Increased store foot traffic

Goal & Approach

A furniture store needed help promoting themselves as a luxury brand as well as increasing store foot traffic.

After conducting audience research, River Valley Media Group decided to utilize the client’s vast television commercial video library for a YouTube TrueView campaign. River Valley Media Group with Amplified Digital team’s research found that advertising on YouTube can increase regular Google searches for your brand name by 420%. The research also showed that the audience targeting on YouTube TrueView would be an ideal match for positioning the client as a luxury brand. River Valley Media Group targeted those in-market for home furnishings with a household income in the top 30%. The client’s video was shown to those browsing the Pottery Barn YouTube page.


Over a three month period, the YouTube TrueView campaign produced 280 clicks on 179,411 impressions for a 0.16% click through rate and a 25.98% view rate. The client also indicated that they saw an approximately 20% increase in foot traffic in the store since the beginning of the video campaign.