Credit Union

Credit Union Case Study


  • A credit union wanted to generate new members and increase products utilized by its current members.
  • Later in the campaign, the client wanted stay combative when a new bank opened in their town.


  • Utilized Mobile Location Targeting to conquest visitors to a new bank that opened in town.
  • Deployed a PPC campaign to capture bottom of the funnel users.
  • Delivered branded ads to a targeted audience and on specific contextual topics to generate top of mind awareness.


  • In 10 months, the campaign yielded 222 conversions from PPC, Facebook, & Mobile Location Targeting:
    • Join Today (46), Home Loan Application (44), Enroll Online (22), Website Calls (24), Website Toll-Free Calls (9), Contact Us Submits (77)
  • The campaign also generated 1,172 View Through Conversions from the Remarketing campaign.

Goal & Approach

A credit union approached River Valley Media Group for ideas on how to generate new members and increase products utilized by their current members. Later in their campaign, a new bank opened in their small town and the credit union approached River Valley Media Group for ideas on staying competitive.

External research indicated that over 50% of potential credit union switchers have taken action from a sponsored search result, so PPC was utilized to recruit potential new members. The client was also able to provide River Valley Media Group with a list of email addresses of their existing members (with marketing consent). From there, a Customer Match Remarketing campaign was launched to deliver branded ads with new products the credit union had to offer. River Valley Media Group also launched a Website Remarketing campaign to reconnect with past site visitors. To conquest visitors of a new bank in town, Mobile Location Targeting was utilized later in the campaign.


Over the course of ten months, the PPC campaign had an overall click through rate of 4.81% which was over 65% greater than the finance industry benchmark. Additionally, the campaign yielded 142 conversions for a conversion rate of 5%, which was right on par with industry benchmark. The Customer Match Remarketing which delivered branded ads to existing members, yielded 70 contact conversions. In two months, the Mobile Location Targeting campaign garnered a combined click through rate of 0.52%, which was over 100% greater than the average that River Valley Media Group typically sees for display campaigns in the financial industry.

Overall, the client saw such great success with the ten-month campaign that for the first time since partnering with River Valley Media Group, they did not completely cut their digital advertising budget during their slow period.