B2B Case Study


  • The client, who offers to cut energy costs for commercial buildings, wanted to target businesses in a precise area and grow their number of leads (contact submissions).


  • Find and reach their niche target audience (business owners and C-Suite executives) through Targeted Display and Website Remarketing.
  • Build captivating creative to attract the target audience.


  • The seven-month campaign generated 1,097 clicks; 450,120 impressions; and two contact forms.
  • The client’s leads confirmed the success of Website Remarketing ads, resulting in their decision to partner with the client.

Goal & Approach

An energy consultant needed to reach a difficult-to-access audience (business owners and C-Suite Executives) in a precise geography. The client approached River Valley Media Group to increase awareness of their commercial utility services and generate leads. Weary of digital marketing, the client gave River Valley Media Group a modest starting campaign budget to prove ROI.

River Valley Media Group launched a Targeted Display campaign with Website Remarketing. Understanding the importance of building brand recognition, River Valley Media Group with their partner Amplified Digital dedicated nearly 75% of the campaign spend to Website Remarketing. The team also built eye-catching creative, making sure the client’s target audience would take notice.


The campaign generated 1,097 clicks (60% from Website Remarketing) and two contact submission forms. Although not a trackable conversion point on the website, the client’s CEO also confirmed phone call leads from the Website Remarketing ads. The CEO asked where his lead found the company, and the lead stated seeing multiple Website Remarketing ads that gave them the reminder to call and learn more. One of the said phone calls secured a $125,000 account, resulting in a $25,500 ROI.

After seven months, the CEO has increased monthly spend 66%. River Valley Media Group has implemented additional tactics, such as a Mobile Location Targeting campaign, to help reach the client’s expanding national goals.