Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer

Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer Case Study


  • A machinery manufacturer was looking to increase both brand awareness and website traffic by implementing a national advertising campaign across the United States and Canada.


  • Based on the client’s goals, River Valley Media Group developed a campaign that had touchpoints throughout all portions of an individual’s consumer journey.
  • Deployed PPC, Audience Targeting, Website Remarketing campaigns to help generate awareness and capture quality leads.


  • In the first 3 months, the campaign yielded 16,758 clicks from PPC.
  • 1,371,879 impressions were also received from the Targeted Display and Website Remarketing campaign.

Goal & Approach

A national agricultural machinery manufacturer that has partnered with River Valley Media Group for several years approached with an opportunity to introduce a national campaign into their strategic media plan. River Valley Media Group identified that the ultimate goal of this campaign was to increase their customer base by generating brand awareness, and increasing website traffic and phone calls.

Working with Amplified Digital, River Valley Media Group also implemented YouTube TrueView and Connected TV for the manufacturer to help expand reach and consistent brand identity across the web. While not included in the original strategy, the team uncovered additional goals from the client and implemented those tactics to display their video advertisement on streaming platforms online, and in return reach more of their target audience and the client’s expanding national goals.


Over the course of the first 3 months, the PPC campaign yielded an 2.12% click-through-rate and 0.23% conversion rate which are over 43% and 58% greater than industry benchmarks respectively. From Website Remarketing, the client saw an increase in impressions and clicks. This allowed the client to recapture the right target audience and remind them of a product they were once researching.

River Valley Media Group created a year-long strategy for the agriculture manufacturer that would ensure its existing PPC and Targeted Display tactics would continue to see results, while also implementing new tactics for video advertising. The results of the research phase concluded that PPC would be the best approach to drive conversion for the manufacturer, and incorporated display and video to surge product awareness.

Overall, the client saw an increase in traffic to their website, which impacted the numbers of orders placed, as well as growth in brand awareness among those in the agriculture industry.