Agricultural Building Solutions

Agricultural Building Solutions Case Study


  • An agricultural building solution wanted to drive leads and conversions by implementing digital marketing tactics to increase sales. They also wanted to develop a brand identity and generate brand awareness among individuals likely to be in-market of a build facility.


  • Deployed a PPC campaign to capture bottom of the funnel users, utilizing ad groups relevant to farming buildings, hog barn, cattle barn, and integrity builders.
  • Delivered branded ads to users who demonstrated interest in your agriculture building services by Targeted Display and Website Remarketing.


  • In 4 months, the campaign yielded 978 clicks from PPC.
  • The campaign also yielded 1,930 clicks and 1,156,280 impressions from Targeted Display + Website Remarketing.

Goal & Approach

An agricultural building solution wanted to increase leads and drive bottom of the sales funnel conversions, in addition to building brand awareness among their target audience. River Valley Media Group launched a two-fold campaign, utilizing PPC and Targeted Display, along with Website Remarketing ads in order to keep their brand top of mind amongst their target audience because their business included high ticket purchases.

Targeted Display was launched with both Audience and Content targeting. After keeping in mind the nature of the business, Working with Amplified Digital, River Valley Media Group conducted research and built a campaign targeting farmers and dairymen for Audience Targeted Display, and focused on the keywords such as farming, farm news, agriculture, and agriculture building for Content Targeted Display.


After the first month, the monthly budget was adjusted to allocate two-thirds of the targeted display budget towards Content Targeted Display due to the great success of that tactic, and the remaining budget was spilt down the middle between Audience Targeted Display and Website Remarketing. With a consistent budget during the course of the campaign, the client saw increased results every month during the duration of their 4 month campaign, reaching a click-through-rate 250% above the national industry rate of 0.06%.

The PPC campaign saw its highest click-through-rate during its second month, performing over 125% greater than the industry benchmark at 2.61%. Overall, the campaign yielded an average click-through-rate of 4.59% which was 176% greater than the industry average. During the last month, a dynamic ad group was added to the PPC campaign, which served ads applicable to the user and targeted relevant search queries based on the business’s content, which in return yielded a higher ROI.